Valerie Geffner is a multifaceted artist. The Creatrix. Based in NYC,  she  has recently completed her album “antenna” which she both wrote and produced.   A graduate of The Juilliard School, Valerie has a background in theatre, film and tv. She is a magnificent artist, producing paintings and drawings as well as clothing and bags.  Able to engage audiences everywhere, Valerie has been declared “a commanding presence” by the LA Times.  She can deliver the classics as effectively as contemporary, pop, and avante garde electronica. 
Deepak Chopra interviews Valerie Geffner (push play) by valeriegeffner


“Valerie Geffner, a statuesque blonde, drifted by…”
Penelope Green
The New York Times

“…sultry chanteuse Valerie Geffner”
Gerry Visco
New York Press

“antenna” is like being inside a Van Gogh painting”
Lance Horne
Grammy Award Winning Composer

“Valerie Geffner, an actress with commanding presence.”
Los Angeles Times

“It’s Geffner, though, who will shatter you with her profound, star-making turn.”
Philadelphia International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival”

“..revealed an astonishing and talented actress Valerie Geffner…she is a true revelation!”
Nice Matin

“Anyone who’s seen the film knows that a star is born”
Les Inrockuptibles

“…the freshness and the natural extravagance of Valerie Geffner…she is a cocktail of generosity”
Tele 7 Jours

“…and its revelation of the actress Valerie Geffner whose explosive energy will take her a long way.”
A Nous Paris

“…she is pure pleasure”
Le Dauphine Libere

“..the extremely sharp and entertaining Geffner…”
Joyce Dundas in Cannes

“She can cure you…she got me. She ought to get you.”
“Valerie is a tall woman with a face full of edges and planes, almost like a comic-book sketch.”
zeek magazine

“Wonderfully interpreted by Valerie Geffner.”
Le Monde